Below you will find numerous tools to educate about stone and its installation. We hope to provide you with a wealth of information to make your stone selection an easy and informed process. This page is currently still under construction and will be added to continously.

Understand the Stone

Glossary of Stone and Masonry Terms - A comprehensive glossary of terms used in the stone industry. An invaluable resource fro those new to purchasing and using natural stone.

Gravel Coverage Calculator - Use our convenient coverage calculator to determine just how much gravel you will need to complete your project.

Boulder Size/Weight Estimation - An easy to understand guide to determining the weight of your chosen boulders and their price.

Do it Yourself

How to Build Patios and Walkways - Building a patio or walk with natural flagstone is an easy way to add to your home’s usefulness, appearance and resale value. The satisfaction of doing the job yourself is extremely rewarding and it is economical as well.

Example Flagstone Patterns (.pdf file) - Sample flagstone patterns to simplify the design of your stone patio.

How to Build Stone Covered Steps - Find out how to build beautiful stone covered steps in this illustrated article.

Caring for Your Stone Installation - The natural stone your have purchased for your home or office is an investment that will give you many years of beautiful services. Stone is a natural product and simple care and maintenance will keep it looking beautiful. Here are some recommendations for routine care and cleaning.

Efflorescence: Causes and Removal - The problem of efflorescence, or the deposit of water-soluble salts on the surfaces of masonry, stucco or concrete, is an old one, and one that has been studied and reported on as early as 1877. Find out what you can do about it.

10 Basic Rules for Building Dry Stacked Walls - Simple and beautiful, dry-stacked walls can add another dimension to your landscape. Find out the basics here.

Wholesale/Architect Resources

Stone Specifications - Architectural specifications for our most popular products.

Freight Breakdown Calculator - A simple calculator to help truckload customers calculate the cost freight of their order.

Pricing - Our most recent price guide (password required), along with our credit application.