Glaze 'N Seal Multi-Purpose Cleaner & Sealer
A tough water based high gloss acrylic sealer for use on concrete and masonry surfaces. Non-flammable, cleans up with water, can be used on damp surfaces. A non-yellowing sealer that is milky white in appearance but dries to a clear, hard finish. Use on interior or exterior wall and floor surfaces. Develops and deepens natural color when used on exposed aggregate, brick and other masonry products.
Glaze 'N Seal Efflorescence Remover
A powerful cleaner to remove efflorescence (chalky white powder), grout haze, cement smears, and lime deposits from concrete, brick, masonry, and saltillo tile. Concentrated formula is safer to use than muriatic acid.
Glaze 'N Seal Wet Look Lacquer
For use on concrete and masonry, this is a crystal clear, high solids, acrylic coating designed to protect and beautify concrete, masonry and tile surfaces. Formulated for interior or exterior use.
Glaze 'N Seal Neutral Cleaner
Safe, everyday cleaner for concrete, masonry, tile, natural stone. Lifts out dirt and grease on contact. Concentrated "no rinse" formula. Will not dull sealer or polish.
Glaze 'N Seal Neutralizing Rinse
Fast and easy way to neutralize acid residue from concrete, masonry, stone, tile, brick, and grout before sealing surface. It restores proper pH balance to improve sealer bondability. Phosphate free concentrate mixes with water to make ten gallons of rinse. Also, is effective cleaner.
Glaze 'N Seal Penetrating Sealer
Repels dirt, water and mildew stains on most concrete, tile and masonry surfaces. Designed to react with carbon dioxide and atmospheric moisture. Forms a strong water repellent barrier within 24 hours of application without changing the natural appearance of the surface. Use indoors or outdoors.
Glaze 'N Seal Phosphoric Acid Cleaner
Removes grout haze, cement smears, hard water stains, lime and rust deposits on ceramic tile, brick, concrete, masonry, and unpolished natural stone. Excellent cleaner for shower and bathroom fixtures not harmed by acid solution.
Ultra Safe Acid

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